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Ian doesn't consider change adversely. Stuart must try to work with increasing (matter concerned). Requires responsibility for his activities. Janetis presence and punctuality history is impressive and she has set a standard for others to check out. He's not missed too many days of work and sometimes he's defer some personal duties to help you to become present at office. There has been a lot of scenarios of tardiness and absenteeism in Henry's document which has already established an impact to the work on his colleagues. Leadership and Teamwork Level has exhibited management features time and again and it has been described as "educated" and "friendly" by his colleagues. Eugene has always shied away from taking extra responsibilities and has a trend of transferring the money around. Overall Performance The overall performance of Nick continues to be excellent and he's turned out to be one of many best employees. Despite affected by health problems, Lance has always been remarkable and has excelled in his tasks. He must concentrate on increasing his efficiency in future.
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