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Owning a Property should come with an enriched lifestyle. Nevertheless, the need to clean your house remains an agonizing chore.

Let us face it, cleaning is a pain. There is no running away from it regardless of the size of your delightful home. If it is large, it could only mean a larger area to keep clean while on the contrary, if it is small, more effort has to be spent to  keep the place free from clutter as there are less utilizable space available.

Our personal life is often very busy and the hiring of professional cleaners may not always be the most convenient solution and may intrude on our beloved privacy.

Enter Gadgets. A possible solution? Perhaps it is time to delve into some smart gadgets & high tech cleaning tools to battle this agonizing chore and save some precious time and energy.

Here are some of the interesting ones that we have noticed.

EcoVacs Winbot



‘Say Goodbye to Old Fashioned Window Washing’, such is the tagline for this window cleaning gadget named the Winbot developed by Ecovacs Robotics. This robot caught our eye doing some demo cleaning in Home Fix The D.I.Y. Store in 1Utama Shopping Centre.

The Winbot is a five-pound gadget that latches itself to your glass panes with a unique industrial strength suction mechanism. In other words, this tech piece can crawl vertically up your windows and clean it for you! Agonizing over your double volume full height duplex windows? Fret not, perhaps this gadget might just do it for you.





Unlike the fancy advertisement pictures, the Winbot actually comes with a power cord.

Just in case you worry that the Winbot will tumble to its ‘death’ upon an unexpected TNB power outage which is not uncommon in this beloved country, the Winbot has an emergency battery pack to keep it from falling off the window. As a backup, it also has a “Safety Pod” accessory which sort of works like an anchor cord to keep it away from hitting the ground.

NeatDesk Scanner + Smart Digital Filing System



This gadget, NeatDesk, may just be the answer to perpetual paper clutter in our homes.

It seems that no matter how hard we try, there are bound to be stacks and bits of paper that we have to stash somewhere in the drawers or laid on top in a corner of our desks. Alas, these stacks of receipts, invoices, bank slips, business cards and even some flyers with contact numbers which may come in handy later will only get bigger over time as we conveniently toss them aside awaiting for the day we could find the time to organize them but never do.

The NeatDesk was specifically developed to help you do just that, which is to manage and organize these stacks and bits of paper. Basically the NeatDesk enables you to conveniently scan these various sized papers which would be a rather daunting task using the usual common flatbed scanner. As you can see, the NeatDesk comes with various slots with different sizes to accommodate the appropriate paper pile. Upon scanning, NeatDesk through its document identification software will extract the information and organizes it to digital files according to the document type. For example receipts will become digital records with vendors and amounts; and business cards become digital contacts and these documents become fully keyword searchable.


Alternatively, a smaller & portable but more basic plus cheaper version called the NeatReceipt is also available.

Dyson Cordless Vacuums

Dyson Main


Ever had the problem of purchasing a powerful and heavy duty vacuum cleaner only to have it stuck sitting in a corner of the house and left often unused?

The setback of these larger corded vacuum cleaners are their weight and the need to constantly change power sockets as you move around the house.

Enter the Dyson DC Cordless Vacuums.


Dyson 2Dyson2



The Dyson cordless vacuum is one of the most powerful cordless vacuums around, almost as powerful as certain larger conventional corded vacuums. Its versatility and portability makes it an indispensible cleaning gadget to have around the house. While you will fret dragging out that troublesome corded vacuum to use, grabbing the aesthetically beautiful Dyson cordless vacuum to carry out an adhoc cleanup task is a buzz. It is unlikely that you would bring out the conventional vacuum to clean up after you have just cut your fingernails, dropped some tidbits while snacking away earlier or inadvertently saw some cobwebs hanging on the ceiling. But with the lightweight Dyson vacuum, you would. Therein lies the biggest difference. It is something that you would use and use very frequently at that, fulfilling its intended function.


Dyson Versatility


Battery life is a limitation, being able to last 20 minutes of suction use. Nevertheless, as these 20 minutes is the cumulative time in which the trigger is pressed for usage, in practical sense it is more than sufficient for most common use except for a full spring cleaning.

The Dyson cordless vacuum also comes with various attachments that make cleaning the hard to reach places, carpets cluttered with pet hair or even the car easier.



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