Aéropostale coming soon to Malaysian shores

Aéropostale debuts after heavyweights H&M and Uniqlo conquered Malaysia.

America’s leading clothing brand and fast fashion retailer Aéropostale is set to make its debut in Malaysia by January 2015.

Inspired by the advent of airmail services first flown between France, South Africa, and South America the name “Aéropostale” became synonymous with “airmail” over time. Aéropostale was chosen to front the brand’s first collection of aviation-inspired leather bomber jackets.  
Today, the word “AERO”, A87 and Aéropostale are proudly sported by millions of youngsters around the world standing for their carefree, fun loving and cool attitude.

Aéropostale focuses to provide a wide selection of high-quality, active-oriented, fashion and fashion basic merchandise for young women and men.
The first Malaysian store will open in Sunway Pyramid.


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