Future projects to be centred around LRT

With the Kelana Jaya LRT extension project, Subang Jaya folk can expect to see transit-oriented development (TOD). With the Kelana Jaya LRT extension project, Subang Jaya folk can expect to see transit-oriented development (TOD).

With the new guidelines introduced by Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) last month, developers can look forward to having high-density projects, especially along the route of the Kelana Jaya LRT extension project.

The new guidelines will allow developers to build up to a plot ratio of 1:8 compared to the previous 1:4, if they fulfil the criteria. The council has outlined plot ratio and density for transit-oriented development (TOD), transit-adjacent development (TAD) and transit-environment development (TED).

The maximum ratio for TOD is 1:8, and 1:7 and 1:5 for TAD and TED respectively.

TOD is designed to maximise access to public transport, while TED as defined by the guidelines are development projects not more than 400m from an MRT or LRT station.

MPSJ president Datuk Nor Hisham Dahlan said Subang Jaya was moving towards TOD. “The objective is to reduce congestion and carbon footprint in line with the MPSJ Green City 2030 action plan. “Previously, the plot ratio was lower at 1:4, but with the new guidelines, developers can build higher if they can fulfil the criteria,” he said, adding that the council had already received applications from developers under the new guidelines.

The action plan, Nor Hisham said was a combination of the MPSJ Local Plan 2020, MPSJ Strategic Plan 2013-2030, MPSJ Traffic and Trans-portation Study 2013 and Low-Carbon Cities Framework. The Malaysian Green Technology Corporation will rate the proposed projects for the Low-Carbon Cities Framework aspect.

Subang Jaya Residents Association chairman A.S. Gill disagrees with the increased plot ratio, saying that developments should stick to the current 1:4 figures.

“Areas where MRT and LRT stations are situated, are already congested. “By raising the ratio, more people will move here, which will lead to worsening traffic situation. It also strains the existing infrastructure.

“We are currently choked and with the increased density, the situation will worsen.

Gill said MPSJ should focus on maintaining facilities and the quality of life for residents. “MPSJ should not take steps that will make the quality of life worse for residents.”

When pointed out that developers must fulfil certain criteria to get a higher plot ratio, Gill said: “It is just an excuse to increase density.”

Bandar Puteri Puchong Residents Association chairman Datuk Samson Maman said there must be clear guidelines on the type of developments, or it might get out of control.

He added: “From a resident’s point of view, this may lead to another set of problems.”

Subang Jaya assemblyman Hannah Yeoh said TOD was acceptable provided that it was for the right target group.

“It should have affordable housing, especially to cater for the younger generation who cannot afford the current property prices around Subang Jaya. “It should solve urban poverty and congestion. Hence, it is more suitable for Rumah Selangorku to be built here,” she said.

She emphasised that TOD should not be abused.

“If high-end projects are built, it defeats the purpose as people who can afford those properties will most likely own cars and do not need public transport.”

According to a Prasarana spokesman, there will be 12 stations in the Kelana Jaya LRT extension project (LEP). “The TOD is a welcomed initiative because residents can stay within a network of mobility,” he said.

Among cities that have incorporated TOD are Hong Kong, Curitiba in Brazil, New Jersey in US and Vancouver in Canada. Looking closer to home, the Petaling Jaya City Council’s urban renewal plan for Section 13 aims to encourage transit-oriented development (TOD).


News Source: The Star, 13 October 2015

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