4 Fingers Crispy Chicken will be opening soon at LG074A Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur.

The fast food brand owner, Singapore-based Bento Holdings Pte Ltd, has popularised Korean-styled crispy chicken for a few years now. Up till today, there are perpetually long queues in all its 6 outlets in Singapore.

The Singaporean outlets are halal, which will be the case for its upcoming Malaysian outlets.

4 Fingers Crispy Chicken innovates from conventional, humble fast food staple and ups the ante with sizzling flavours and spices that pack attitude and punch.

Its signature, meaty Korean fried chicken is crisp, tender, moist, non-greasy and absolutely tasty. Singaporeans say it was a much desired step up from regular fried chicken outlets.

Wings and drummettes, it offers two tasty sauces which are soy garlic and hot and spicy. The hot sauce is fiery, and the heat builds gradually throughout the meal. The soy garlic sauce is savoury and fragrant, without being too salty. You can also order a mix of both.

Hot, fresh and juicy, 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken kicks things up yet another notch as they are hand-painted with the soy sauce which clings tightly to the crispy skin, giving them that extra oomph and flair.

Combined with the unique cooking process that renders out the fat in the skin, every piece of chicken is transformed into hot, crispy morsels with a thin, crackly crust.

There is a choice of kimchi or seaweed fries. Its kimchi fries are seasoned with kimchi powder, while its seaweed fries are made of seaweed leaves and red chili pepper flakes.

Other items include katsu chicken burger, chicken wrap, kimchi coleslaw, fried calamari rings, battered shrimp and tofu and mushroom salad.

Its dining experience is unique. The theme of the wall decor itself is a revolution, a secret meeting of minds. An underground theme. Graffiti adorns the walls, while warning signs declare each outlet to be a restricted area.

This underground scene even extends to their packaging, which bears labels such as secret or restricted.

Service at 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken is fast food and self-service style. Order and pay at the cashier, and collect your order when buzzed.

The staffs at the counter have to be friendly and informative to guide you through its menu.

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