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Company Introduction


PropertyTalk & Lifestyle Malaysia, or popularly referred as “PTLM”, is an intellectual property owned by Kuala Lumpur-based PTLM Ventures Sdn. Bhd. (1088967-W). The company was incorporated in April 2014.

PTLM began as a social media-cum-networking platform for like-minded property buyers and enthusiasts who mainly discuss Malaysian real estate investments, financial management, socio-economic issues, entrepreneurships and start-up ideas, civic infrastructure, lifestyle trends and shopping habits. As an open platform, a diverse range of ideas, opinions and personal experiences of fellow members were shared and communicated upon on our Facebook Group.

Until today, PTLM is popularly known for its snippets of the latest property development and lifestyle news which were reported in the fastest manner and unbiasedly. PTLM now strives on innovation and speed to compile, inform, educate and publish relevant content for your convenience and in different perspectives.

Tagline Rationale

Beyond Property, Enriching Lifestyle.

  • In reality, we are more than just property nerds. Hence, we want you to understand what lies within and beyond your property, and of course, your investment.
  • We want people to know about property investment and become their guide to make successful investments with an intention to build long term wealth.


The People

PTLM is founded by a team of visionaries who strive to make property investment and its related education as simple as possible.

    1. Nick Tan

    2. Patrick Chay

PTLM Our Founders

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Our Vision

Our vision is to be Malaysia’s premier outreach portal and education hub pertaining to property and lifestyle.

Our Values

At PTLM, everything we do is with integrity, commitment and innovation as to facilitate information dissemination so that people could make well-informed investment decisions.


We ensure our work adheres to high standards of ethics and honesty.


We are committed to work towards achieving your trust and respect.


We believe in technology capability & innovative ideas to achieve your future goals.

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    Property Portal

    Our digital hub is dedicated to compile, inform, educate and publish information and news content to consumers of latest happenings in real estate, investments and lifestyle excitements.

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    Advertising and Increasing Your Online Presence

    Enhance property and lifestyle-related products’ online presence via our webportal listings and advertisement spaces. It’s an alternative platform to conventional media. Best of all we are able to gauge data analytics, and at the same time providing cost effective and time efficient cyberspace channels to all clients regardless of spending budgets.

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    E-Marketing, Social Media and Ad-Hoc Campaigns

    Utilise various online channels such as social media and forums for disseminating product information to targeted audience, either on duration or ad-hoc basis. Other activities include newsletter management, hype-up content, brand publicity and running insightful surveys such as our people’s choice property awards.

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    Marketing Solutions

    Maximise value via product registration, soft launch invitation, private preview, Gen-Y or first homebuyer segmentation, roundtable discussion, speaking engagement and other marketing solutions under one roof. As always, we build mutual relationship between business stakeholders and the members of the community, and formulate strategies to deliver values to all.

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    Research and Consultancy

    Competition is keen out there. Market research, area analysis and scorecards enable us to review your product unbiasedly. Our ‘early-bird’ and extensive market knowledge and exposure produce unrivalled data for our clients.

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    A PTLM innovation created with consumer convenience in mind. Coming soon.

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    Technology Solutions

    Elevate your decision making process to an all new level of sophistication. Coming soon.

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    A specialized platform connecting exclusive investment opportunities to savvy investors. Coming soon.

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Incorporation as A Company

Since our recent incorporation, we have more than 36,000 followers on our social media networks. Throughout this year, we have spoken in various Malaysian real estate conventions and developer events.

In the coming years, we will continue to strive to become the premier property and lifestyle education and outreach portal in Malaysia and beyond.

Speaking Events

  • 25 January 2014

    SkyBridge International Property Investment Conference

    As a Guest Speaker

  • 20 February 2014

    Malaysia Property Inc. Corporate Outlook 2014

    As a Guest Speaker

  • 15 March 2014

    Property Insight Malaysia Property Fair 2014

    As a Guest Speaker

  • 19 April 2014

    IOI Properties Showcase 2014

    As a Guest Speaker

  • 28 June 2014

    PTLM Coffee & Property Session

    A casual event organised for PTLM members

  • 14 September 2014

    The Klang Valley Mid Year Review 2014

    PTLM Presentation at SkyWorld Gallery

  • 26 September 2014

    Crest Builder Property Investment Talk

    PTLM Presentation at CB Land Sales Gallery

  • 6 December 2014

    PTLM “RUMAWIP” sharing session

    A casual event organised for PTLM members

  • 26 April 2015

    The Impact of Connectivity from MRT 1 and 2

    PTLM Presentation at Tropicana Gardens Kota Damansara

  • 14 June 2015

    An Introduction to Bukit Jalil City

    A casual event organised for PTLM members

Property Flash News

PTLM takes pride for being the fastest online media to report and inform our members about up-to-date news, research data, on-the-ground happenings, industry captains’ opinions and first-hand development information. Our signature “Flash News” are published daily, free-for-all on our social media platforms, namely on our Facebook Group and Facebook Page.

Our casual reporting style is intended to deliver useful, precise and fast information to Internet users. Flash News provide informative content on good investment deals, urban developments, property new launches, property transactions, corporate activities, infrastructure planning, policy changes, retail leasing, lifestyle outlet openings, and many more.

We believe in providing an equal platform for small-, medium- and big-sized development companies to introduce their products and concepts. Over the years, we have performed an extensive coverage reporting unbiasedly and factually on property developments by more than 190 property developers in the country.


  • Flash News Postings

    Our daily social media scheduled postings are categorised as such:

    • Flash News
    • Sponsored News: property developer’s paid postings
    • Weekender: topics for the weekend read
    • Iskandar News: topics concerning Iskandar Malaysia
    • Cakap-Cakaplah: hearsays, opinionated query and open-ended discussions
    • Lifestyle News: the “in-thing” that might be of interest to you 

  • Past People’s Choice Online Awards

    Patchay.Com Property & Lifestyle of The Year Awards 2012 

    Winner: Arnica Residence, Tropicana Gardens Kota Damansara 

    Patchay.Com Property & Lifestyle of The Year Awards 2011 

    Winner: The Capers, Sentul East  

    Patchay.Com Property & Lifestyle of The Year Awards 2010 

    Winner: The Treez Jalil Residence, Bukit Jalil

  • List of Developers Under Flash News Coverage

    We have published stories involving the following property developers.

    • ABL Property
    • Adenland
    • Agile Property Holdings Ltd
    • Akisama Group
    • Amber Homes
    • Ancubic Holdings
    • Andaman Group
    • Asia Quest
    • Asian Pac Holdings
    • BCB Berhad
    • Bellworth Developments
    • Beneton Properties
    • Berjaya Properties
    • Beverly Group
    • BHL Group
    • Bina Puri Properties
    • Binastra Land
    • BRDB Developments
    • Brem Holdings Berhad
    • Briswood Home
    • Brunsfield International Group
    • BSG Property/Katana Developments
    • Bukit Kiara Properties
    • Capital Trend Asia
    • CB Land
    • Cheong Hin Holdings
    • Cheras Hong Soon Development
    • CMY Capital
    • Conlay Land
    • Country Garden Malaysia
    • Country Heights
    • CPI Land
    • CRSC Property
    • Danau Lumayan Sdn Bhd
    • Dergahayu Sdn Bhd
    • Desaria Property
    • DK-MY Properties
    • Eastern & Oriental
    • EBIC Group
    • EcoWorld
    • EcoFirst Consolidated Bhd
    • Ekovest Land
    • EMKAY Group
    • Encorp Berhad
    • Engtex Properties
    • EUPE Corporation
    • Exsim Group
    • F3 Capital
    • Faber Development
    • Fiamma Land
    • First Nationwide Group and Bandar Utama City Corp.
    • Fitters Diversified
    • Gabungan AQRS
    • Gadang Land
    • Gamuda Land
    • Global Oriental Berhad
    • Glomac Berhad
    • Grand Global
    • GuocoLand Malaysia
    • Hap Seng Land
    • Hatten Group
    • Hillcrest Gardens Sdn Bhd
    • Ho Hup Group
    • HSB Development
    • Hua Yang Berhad
    • I&P Group
    • i-Berhad
    • IJM Land
    • Ikhasas Group (Shaftsbury Capital)
    • Impiana Land & Development
    • Instant Bonus Development
    • IOI Properties
    • IRDK Land
    • Ireka Corporation
    • Iskandar Waterfront Holdings
    • Island Circle Development
    • J&C Homes
    • Jakel Development
    • Jaya Megah Building & Engineering
    • JL99 Holdings
    • Juta Asia Corporation
    • KEB Group
    • KEN Holdings Berhad
    • Kerjaya Prospek
    • Keystone Developments
    • Kimlun Corporation
    • KIP Group
    • KL Metro Group
    • KLK Land
    • Knox Group
    • KSK Land
    • KSL Holdings
    • Kueen Lai Group
    • Land & General Berhad
    • LBS Bina
    • Leadmont Group
    • Loh & Loh Corporation
    • Low Keng Huat Group (General Corp Berhad / Setapak Heights Development)
    • Low Yat Group
    • M101 Holdings
    • Macly Equity Sdn Bhd
    • Mah Sing Group
    • Malaysia Land Properties (Mayland)
    • Malton Berhad
    • Mammoth Empire
    • Marimo Land Malaysia
    • Masteron
    • Matrix Concepts
    • Maxim Holdings
    • Maxims Circle Development (Sinerjuta / Aset Kayamas / Faber Vista / Era Ecoland)
    • MBM Land
    • MCT Berhad
    • Mediaraya Sdn Bhd
    • Mitrajaya Homes
    • Mitraland Group
    • MK Land
    • MKH Berhad
    • Monoland Group
    • MRCB Land
    • Mutiara Johan Group
    • Mutiara Rini (Boustead Properties)
    • Nadayu Properties
    • Naza TTDI
    • NCT Group
    • Newfields Land
    • Nusmetro
    • OCR Property
    • Orando Holdings
    • OSK Property
    • Paramount Property
    • Pavilion Group
    • Perdana ParkCity
    • Perfect Eagle Development
    • Peter’s Holdings
    • PJD Group
    • Platinum Victory
    • PPB Hartabina
    • PRG Holdings
    • Prinsiptek Corporation
    • Protasco Development
    • Putrajaya Holdings
    • Quill Group
    • R&F Properties Malaysia
    • Rivertree Group
    • S P Setia Berhad
    • Salcon Development
    • SBC Corporation
    • SC Land
    • SCP Property
    • See Hoy Chan Sdn Berhad Group
    • Selangor Dredging Berhad
    • Seni Nadi Land
    • Sentrilands Sdn Bhd
    • Seri Mutiara Development
    • Setia Haruman
    • Simas-D Sdn Bhd
    • Sime Darby Brunsfield
    • Sime Darby Property
    • Sin Heap Lee Development
    • SkyWorld
    • SM Land
    • SSH Group
    • Suez Domain
    • Sunsuria Berhad
    • Suntrack Development
    • Sunway Berhad
    • SYF Development
    • Symphony Life
    • TA Global
    • Tago (M) Sdn Bhd
    • Tahap Warisan Sdn Bhd
    • Talent Team Sdn Bhd
    • Tan & Tan Developments Berhad
    • TEE Land
    • The Clearwater Group
    • Thriven Global Berhad
    • Titijaya Land
    • TLS Group
    • Top Home Builder Development
    • Tradewinds Corporation
    • Trinity Group
    • Tropicana Corporation
    • TS Law Developments
    • Tujuan Gemilang
    • TYL Land
    • UDA Holdings Berhad
    • UEM Sunrise
    • UM Land
    • UOA Development
    • Urban Hallmark Properties
    • Vacaron Company (F&N Properties)
    • Venus Assets Sdn Bhd
    • Villamas
    • VST Group
    • WCT Land
    • Weida (M) Bhd
    • Wing Tai Malaysia
    • WZR Property
    • Yanjian Group Malaysia
    • YNH Property
    • YTL Land & Development
    • Zalam Group



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